Sample of Consulting Project




The organization:
timmersive is a virtual reality company from Germany. Founded in 2016 in Hannover, they focus on immersive media projects in the fields of entertainment and edutainment.

timmersive did several VR-projects for the European, to motivate young people to vote at the EU-elections and a project based on augmented reality (AR) with the goal to gain awareness for the extinction of animals.

Their latest project was - a VR platform for children with focus on bedridden girls and boys in children’s hospitals. wants to start as a solution for children’s hospitals.
Studies prove that VR distracts children who are bedridden for a long time in a hospital. It reduces anxiety and even pain. The name refers to the effect of beaming yourself into different worlds and experiences in VR.

The focus of is to create a useful tool for (children’s) hospitals, to distract children from their boring time in the hospital facilities and to help nurses during procedures like taking a blood sample, through immersing children into relaxing worlds. In the future aims to be a platform for children content in VR with it’s own, child-savvy VR-headset. Parents and nurses have a control-app on their mobile phones to control the content on the headset and decide how long the usage should be per day.

The task:
The student consultants received the task to create a business model around with
• a value proposition
• a pricing strategy
• a content strategy
• a market research